Mission Charter

Energy Industries Engineering & Design (EIED) was established in 1996.

EIED was founded to develop technical knowledge and applied sciences in the field of energy industries, mainly in oil, gas, petrochemicals and renewable energies, while moving towards a leading role in execution of EPC Projects of national significance in these industries.

 Today, EIED is considered internationally as a highly qualified company in the engineering and design of energy industries, and is offering  Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Management Services to clients in accordance with the state of the art technologies and management systems.

Presently, EIED is an advanced quality and result-oriented company providing its services to both national and international clients.  EIED has completed many EP projects and is currently involved in several Engineering and EPCC projects all being indispensable to national industrial development. EIED’s highly qualified and dedicated staff are driven by creativity, motivation and ambition to move forward their country’s energy industries in order to meet the twenty-first century technological challenges.

Our mission, being based on customer satisfaction and business excellence, aims at domestic and international growth through forming partnerships using shared resource management. Our commitment is to support the Iranian energy industries in their development, and to participate in achieving their goals whilst creating a safer work place and stronger environmental awareness.