the Latest status reported for the different phases of South Pars Gas Field

Mr Seid Mehdi Hosseini (Vice managing director of the development section of Iranian National Oil Company), at the official opening ceremony of the phase 4 & 5 of South Pars , in an interview with Shana ‘s reporter declared that “ the implementation of these phases are only the beginning of a dynamics movement toward the realization of a national aims and another step forward for the Country economic development.

  He further added that: “ we are very proud to announce that for all the phases and final development the complete plan has already determined and presently our achieved progress is 30%.

 Then he stated that the actual status for all phases is as follow:

 -Phase 1 through 5 has been developed completely.

-Phase 6, 7 & 8 has 62% progress

-Phase 9,10 with 15% progress

The integrated progress at present for all the above phases of the South Pars Development Field is reported to be 30 %.

 He added that the preliminary contract for phase 11 & 13 has been signed, for phase 12 the discussion has been finalized and for phase14 it is in progress.

The vice- president of NIOC added that for the remaining phases as far as 15,16,17 & 18 the final stage of selection is in course and for 19 &20 the call for the tender will be soon announced.

He mentioned that the implementation of the phase 4 & 5 was one of the most successful project executed in oil industry and then he added that the annum economic value for this plan with the consideration of the substitute value is estimated to be approximately 4.2 million dollars (the five product produced has the following share of distribution consecutively: % 66 gas, % 23 gas condensate, % 8.7 LPG, %3 ethane and % 3 sulfur).

  He declared that the contribution of the Iranian company and the positive and valuable effect of their activities in executing the phase 4 & 5 had resulted the reduction of the return rate of the capital of the subcontractor from %15.4 to the %13.94 and the successful saving of 400 million dollar of the unnecessary cost which was related to capital, profit and risk for the subcontractor.

 Per Mr Hosseini  the involvement of the 5 major Iranian company as a main subcontractor in on-shore portion , 98 other company in this operation , 8 main company on off shore portion and also about15 other company as a vendors, manufacturer, services and subcontractor shows the great portion of Iranian contribution  in this huge and important plan.