Planning for the compensation of the delay occurred in the execution of the South Pars project Phase 9 & 10 has been started

POGC manager in charge for the South Pars project Phase 9 &10 declared that the planning for the compensation of the delay occurred in the project has been started.

 Mr Seid Emami in an interview with Shana’s reporter stated that in order to expedite the execution of the South Pars project Phase 9 & 10, all the activities of engineering,Procurement and construction will be reviewed.

 He announced that since this project (South Pars Phase 9 & 10) was the first experience in his kind, which the means of financial resources has been provided by structured finance, therefore some unknown and unexpected problems have raised, and had to be solved.

 Also the sudden increase of steel price, delay in obtaining the credit for opening LC and financial problem, which all integrated with the above issue and had affected the project at the early stage.

 Mr Emami who was previously the construction manager for on-shore refinery of phase 4 & 5 of South Pars development field mentioned that “ our experience for phase 4 & 5 shows that the final achieved progress was well ahead of the planned scheduled progress which resulted the acceleration of the execution of this project”.

He clarifies that the two projects (means phase 4 & 5 compare to phase 9 & 10) have lots of similarities in the execution except for the only means of providing the financial resources. He believes that they can be treated as same and they can use the experience of phase 4 & 5 as a good model to compensate the delay of the phase 9 & 10.

 He added that since most of the subcontractors for the project (phase 9 & 10) are Iranian we have to try to unify them.

 He declared that identifying and tracing the problems and obstacles are the vital first step to be taken to compensate the delay, and therefore the gathering of the information and data in all three sections of engineering, procurement and execution has been started in order to plan and prepare the necessary program to remove the existing obstacles.

 Per Shana’s report the consortium of LG (from South Korea), OIEC & IOEC (from Iran) are responsible for the execution of this EPCC project of South Pars Phase 9 & 10 that the scope of work includes design, procurement, construction, commissioning erection and the means of financial resources is the structure finance. 

At present the actual achieved progress is 15 %.