The Marketing Manager of AVEVA & Pipeline Journal Editor paid a visit to the different department of EIED

Mr. Justin Roux the marketing manager of AVEVA (the license owner of PDMS software) and the editor of Pipeline Journal along with Mr. Eshraghi (AVEVA representative in Iran) on Wednesday Feb 23/2005 with the previous appointment, paid a visit to EIED in order to prepare a report for the Pipeline journal about the EIED achievements and the development of the auxiliary PDMS program.

First at 9:30 am in the meeting held at the managing director office, Dr Eftekhar (the managing director) in his welcome speech emphasized on the importance of the domestic implementation and development of the various software in the field of engineering .Then he stated that actually in EIED the development of the software has been carry out by the engineers which resulted the saving on time and cost for the company. Also he added that EIED is a pioneer and representative in the software development and it is hoping to transfer this valuable culture to other technical and engineering society.

Then at 10:00 am during a short presentation in the presence of the higher management , a brief introduction about EIED and the undertaken and current projects has been introduced. As mentioned in the meeting, the PDMS software has been used for the first time in the Olefin 6 and Turkamanbashi projects.

Mr. Roux declared that he is very glad but at the same time surprised to see such a valuable work done by engineers (female/male) at this institution and the lack of information and report, which existed. He added that he will published a report about the EIED achievements on Pipeline journal .

Then the guests visited various department. At first they paid a visit to the PDMS administration department and the administrator explained the following:

One of the actual persistent problems encountered in working with the PDMS software (in comparison to the other software such as AutoCAD…) were the low speed capacity in uploading or saving or executing the data. Also the second problem was that when the number of dedicated user has been increased , in order to respond the request on the server ,this media has to use a server with the greater capacity. Over one year ago EIED innovated a new revolutionary procedure to install, manage and increase the speed capacity of this software and subsequently the efficient use of the licenses and deletion of the need of the use of the stronger capacity server.

In this method ,which has been implemented by EIED engineers ,PDMS software has been installed on all working stations, resulting in decreased load on the server . Also by the use of local source the speed has been increased during execution of the program. On the other hand this method facilitates the R&D activities and the development of the auxiliary PDMS software programs by providing each user the opportunity to write and test macros on their PC individually and make it accessible to the other user on the server.

As for the newly implemented system, the administrator gave the following explanation:

The Project Procurement Management System has the aim to unify and store the data requested by each project (in relation to the procurement, inspection and transportation) , the access and control of the data transferred ,and the tracebility of the procedure (especially for procurement).

For the design and implementation of this system the latest software technology has been used.The MSSQL media has been used for the database and the software has been executed by VB.net. For example one the convenience of this system is the capability of recording and storing various MTO which are the reference for the MR and so on.

Actually the procedures for the delivery status ,inspection and transportation of the goods are ready to use in the system but first it has been implemented as a pilot in the Ilam project to obtain a review and a feedback and as soon as the result will be confirmed, it will implemented in the main system.Next visit was to the piping department In this department with the aid of power point the activities have been introduced

as follow:

-The introduction of the department ,the storage of the records ,the facilities in order to prepare and distribute the documents and drawings ,the actual software existed in the department and the positive impact of it in order to reduce cost and time . The change of the conventional design system from manual to the sophisticated computerized 3D modeling by using PDMS software. At present EIED co and especially the piping department (with the confirmation of AVEVA) is the most important user of PDMS in Iran .

Also the R&D activities are as follow:

-Advance Catview is the sub-program developed which is used in PDMS media .With this sub-program the commodity code for purchased items has been created The language used to write the program is PML2 .

-LineList is the sub- program developed in this department .This program transfer automatically the data required from the LineList to the database in PDMS media, and then the result will be stored in the appropriate table of isometric drawing of each project.Previously this transfer of data was done manually which took tremendous effort , time and cost in order to accomplish the task.

-WeldJoint is the sub-program developed in order to calculate the weld joint based on the provided report from the 3D model designed and then the result will be classified based on the material size and thickness of the pipe. Next visit was the department of civil and structure. In this department the activities have been divided to two parts: R&D and general activities. For R&D activities which includes providing the non-conventional sections and making links between software (such as PDMS,XSTEEL AND STAADPRO) ,and programming with MACRO and PML2 the manager of the department gave a detail explanations as follow:

-Various menu generated by the group in PML2 language in PDMS media are as follow:

Single Foundation ,Coordinate, Catch basin &manhole , Rename objects , Equipment Foundation, Octagonal Foundation & Pit…

-For Macro Programming ,the Support & Foundation and column program has been generated with Visual Basic language and it has the capability of introducing data in excel media The linkage between XSTEEL,PDMS and STAADPRO and the result of using the program which is time saving in modeling stage ,reducing error and cost saving has been discussed.

For the general activities they mentioned civil and structure modeling, the review of clashes in the model or with other components, the 2D and 3D modeling and the preparation of MTO report.

In conclusion the importance of the PDMS ability for 3D modeling and the capability of accessing simultaneously by designers of different department and the removal of probable clashes on time (and in design stage),which will result the deletion of problem raising in the stage of fabrication and installation has been stressed out.In the afternoon they paid a visit to the office of South Pars Phase 9 & 10 project.The scope of work for this project is EPC .Two Power Point demonstration has been prepared and the following are the summary of those:

The review of the Front End Engineering Design ,detail design and procurement services is the responsibility of EIED. At this point the FEED stage has been completely terminated and the progress for the detail design is 74.25% ( the date reported is Feb 18/2005).

In this project the PDMS version 11.5 ( the software of the group of Vantage) has been used for the 2D and 3D drawing and modeling. For the animation the model obtained from the REVIEW REALITY version 6.2 has been used and for the interface between PDMS and XSTEEL version 8 (for the data transfer of steel structure) and AUTOCAD(for the construction of panels) and even MS-Excel (in order to complete the linelist) and the implementation of lighting and supports, various modules has been prepared and used.With the help of these modules the search in the model for various reason is also possible.

In this project the PLIMAS software (the software of the group of Comsite) has been used in order to control efficiently and trace the material and equipment received( from the point of estimation) to the final delivery point and storage at site in Assaluyeh.In conclusion Mr Roux described the activities in AVEVA and explained that at present the most important issue encountered in the company is to find out a way to link the PDMS software to AUTOCAD .He stated that they are interested in future join cooperation with EIED .