Design of the Noorabad Gas Compressor Station

Engineers and Experts of the EIED co have accomplished the basic and detail design and engineering phases of the Noorabad Gas Compression Station project.

Per Shana's report, the manager of the Noorabad Gas Compression Station project in OIEC co has stated that:”the design of this project has several individual special requirements”. He added that the flexible design of the piping system and support is among those special requirements of this project. Mr. Nassehi mentioned that the main aim of this project is to transfer gas for the domestic and export purpose and use from southern region to the northern region of Iran .

He also announced that for the first time the implementation of a new management system designed and developed by OIEC specialists for Gas Compression Station project

Noorabad Gas Compression Station is located in southern part of Iran .The total capacity of this station is approximately 86 million meter cubic per day. For reaching the total capacity the gas is transferred by several turbo compressors with the individual capacity of 28.9 million meter cubic per