PMC/SSC Contract for Bid Boland II Gas Processing Project Awarded to EIED

In Nov. 2007 EIED was declared by Iranian Gas Engineering & Development Company (IGEDC) as the winner of the bid   for Project Management Services (PMC)/Site Supervision Services (SSC) of Bid Boland II Gas Processing Project (EPCC) to be constructed in Khusestan Province in South Western Iran.

 This multi-billion Euro Project consists of Bid Boland II Gas Refinery with a processing capacity of 57 mcm/d of sour and sweet gases from Gas & NGL plants 900, 1000, 1200 & 1300 in the region, 600 kilometers of feed and product pipelines, and export terminal in Mahshahr. Also, a 600 hundred unit residential camp and industrial and non-industrial buildings and related facilities are in the scope of this project.

 The products of this Project are as follows:

 1-     15 BCMY Sweet Gas (9 BCMY to National Gas Trunklines, 6 BCMY to Re-injection in oil fields)

2-     1.48  million ton/y Ethane to Petrochemical Plants

3-     1.51  million ton/y LPG for export

 4-     0.86  million ton/y  NGL for export

Duration of the MC/SSC Contract