The Completion of the Acetic Acid Project (EP) of Fanavaran Petrochemical Complex

The procurement activities of the Acid Acetic Project of the Fanavaran Petrochemical Complex by EIED/LG has been accomplished and the total achieved progress for the project is reported to be %98.88 by March 2006.

Pre-commissioning and Commissioning: % 99
General services and facilities: % 99
108,000 tons of the product produced will be used as primarily feed for the Vinyl Acetate Monomer unit (VAM) of the Fanavaran Petrochemical Complex and 42,000 tons for the Pure Perphetalic Acid Project of the Tondgouyan Petrochemical Complex.
The feed for the Acetic Acid Project is provided by the product produced in Fanavaran Petrochemical Complex and are as follows:
-820000 ton per annum of mono oxide carbon (gas)
-81500 ton methanol
the Fanavaran petrochemical company is using the Ukrainian technology and Basic Design of Suls Gitter of Germany and Detail engineering by EIED/LG to this Project in the Mahshahr Special Petrochemical Economic Zone (the approximate area is 4 hectare).