President Inaugurates 7th Olefin Project


Iran’s President inaugurated the 7th Olefins of Maroun Petrochemical Complex (MPC), in Petrochemical Special Economic Zone (Mahshahr), on Wednesday 30th August.

NPC, NIOC’s Pension Fund and Poushineh Polymer Industrial Group, the shareholders of 7th Olefins, started the plan in 2000 at two separate sites, a 93-hectare area in Petrochemical Special Economic Zone and a 9.5-hectare land in Ahwaz. The Ahwaz unit, which is an Ethane recovery plant, supplies part of the feed of the Mahshahr plant.

The feed of MPC consists of Ethane, Buten-1, Oxygen and Propylene and its yields are; 1.1 Mln t/y of Ethylene, 300,000 t/y of High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), 300,000 t/y of Polypropylene, 443,000 t/y of Ethylene Glycol, 83,000 t/y of Pyrolysis Gasoline and 168,000 t/y of Heavy Propane Cuts (C3+).

Some Rial 3,500 Bln and $ 1.3 Bln (totally $ 1.68 Bln), has been invested in the project.

Linde, Basell and Shell were the licensors of the 7th Olefins project and undertook the basic engineering design of the project as well. Also, the JVs of Linde and EIED (Energy Industries Engineering & Design), Nargan/Tecnimont, Sazeh/Uhde, PIDEC/Tecnimont, Nargan/Linde, Sazeh & SPEC were in charge of carrying out the detailed engineering design and purchasing of the local/foreign equipment of different units of the project. Linde/EIED were responsible  for EP of Ethylene Plant of the Maroun Complex.