The actual progress achieved for the 7 Olefin plant is 96%


The actual progress achieved for the implementation of the 7 Olefin plant of Maroun Petrochemical complex located in the petrochemical special economic zone of Bandar Imam( till end of last year) was reported to be 97.37%.

Per Shana's report, the progress achieved for the construction of the different unit of the 7 Olefin plant in the last year was reported consecutively to be for the Olefin unit 98.2%, for the unit of Ethan recovery 99.7%, Propylene unit 92.4%, Heavy Polyethylene 96%, unit of Ethylene Oxide &Ethylene Glycol 94% and offside unit (outside of OSBL) 98.4%.

This report added that after the finalization of the project the Maroon Petrochemical Complex will be capable of producing 1,800,000 tons of various petrochemical products which in time will be use as a feed for the plastic , textile, glue, antifreeze and paint industry.

Per Shana's report the construction of the Main Petrochemical Complex with the cooperation of National Petrochemical Industrial Group ,Retirement office of Oil Company & Poushineh Polymer Industrial Group is in the process .The complex is located in a special petrochemical zone of Bandar imam (with the area of 93 hectare and also in Ahwaz (with the area of 5.9 hectare ).