With the delivery of the purchased equipments and items to the South Pars Phase 9 &10 the implementation of the project will speed up

At present the delivery of the equipments and items required for the execution of the South Pars Project Phase 9 &10 to the site is in progress and with the total delivery
the operation will accelerate.
The off-shore Project Manager of South Pars Phase 9 &10 in an interview with Shana’s stated that now we have accomplished half of the time scheduled for the project and the achieved progress is reported to be %35.5.
Mr. Nozar Arian stressed that the reason for the delay occurred in the project was the failure to deliver the equipment purchased and required for the site on time and we expect that with the complete delivery of the items mentioned the project execution will speed up.
He also added that the construction of the platforms is in progress in Khoramshar site and the coating of the pipe is also started this week.