North & Northeast Six Gas Compressor Stations (MC & SSC)


"Iranian Gas Engineering Development Company" (I.G.E.D.C.) has intended to perform gas transmission pipeline and gas compressor stations by considering the max gas consumption in semnan province & East-North area including Khorasan, Golestan, Mazandaran,West of Gilan Provinces and also future program production and gas import from East-North area.

With this guide line, a new 48” gas transmission pipeline and some gas compressor stations including of Parchin/Aradan/Semnan/Shahrood/Neyshaboor has been designed & installed.

This line will be fed by the fifth Tehran pipeline which supplied by south pars gas field.

Also, in order to transfer gas to Dasht, a 42” gas transmission pipeline is branched from the mentioned 48” pipeline and one compressor station on this pipeline in Dasht.