The 5th course of ISO 9001 Re-Certification Audit

The 5th course of ISO 9001 Re-Certification Audit, the 2nd course of ISO 14001 Re-Certification Audit, the 4th course of ISO/TS 29001 Re-Certification Audit and the 3rd course of OHSAS 18001 Re-Certification Audit were held from Nov.10,2012 to Nov.12,2012 in  departments, projects and sites of Tabriz gasoline production plant and Ilam HDPE by TUV NORD IRAN and , given the successful  results of this audit, the certifications of EIED management systems were extended for another 3 years on the basis of OHSAS 18001-2007 ,ISO 9001-2008, ISO/TS 29001-2010, and ISO 14001-2004.


During the validity of these certifications (3years), two annual surveillance audits will be held if  no change occurs in standards version, but if the standards version changes, the period for Re-Certification Audit will change too.


ISO 9001 is the oldest EIED standard; also it is the first quality management system certification issued for consulting engineering companies in oil, gas and petrochemical industries which was implemented in EIED in April, 1999 with the scope of "Engineering and Design in Oil, Gas, Petrochemical and Energy Industries”. During recent 13 years of its implementation, the scope of its application has been extended and its new versions have been implemented in EIED.


From 2007on, the ISO/ TS 29001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards have been implemented in EIED and at present the scopes of all standards implemented in EIED are as follows:

 “Engineering and Design, procurement, Construction Management, Construction Supervision, Field Engineering, Management Contractor of Projects in Oil, Gas, Petrochemical and Energy Industries”


Certifications of EIED's management systems were all issued by DNV and up to 2011, all certification audits, re-certification audits and surveillance audits for EIED's management systems were held by DNV. In 2011, DNV ended its activities in Iran and transferred its activities for issuing certifications to TUV NORD IRAN hence EIED's audits have been held by it.