Phases 20&21 Sweet Gas Output Injected to Nationwide Gas Network

  • The sweet gas by refineries of the phases 20&21 has been injected to the nationwide gas network.
    Mr.Rayhani said the sour gas, received from IGAT-5, entered the first train of the refinery facilities of phases 20 and 21 on Sunday last week and after sweetening, 80 million cubic feet per hour gas is injected and sweet gas entered the fourth nationwide network.

    He said the refining unit is well-prepared to run at its full capacity and receive and sweeten gas.


    Ministry of Petroleum has given priority to the project for development of phases 20 and 21 of South Pars, targeting daily production of 50 million cubic meters of sweet gas for domestic consumption, annual recovery of one million tons of ethane gas for consumption in the petrochemical industries, annual recovery of 1,050,000 tons of high quality liquid gas for exports, daily production of 75,000 barrels of de-sulfurized and proved gas condensates for exports and daily recovery of 400 tons of sulfur for exports.(Shana Reported)