Gas Compersor Staions

A compressor station is a facility which helps the transportation process of natural gas from one location to another. Natural gas, while being transported through a gas pipeline, needs to be constantly pressurized in certain distance intervals (from 40 up to 100 miles)

The gas in compressor stations is normally pressurized by special turbines, motors and engines.

Environmental Concerns
Natural Gas Compressor stations are known to cause many environmental problems including air pollution, water pollution, soil contamination, and noise pollution.


EIED in GAS Compressor Stations Projects:

  • 5 Stations T.C. re-Installations  
  • Six Gas Compressor Stations North & Northeast 
  • 200 Turbo Compressors (Servieces for Supply & Fabrication)

  • Qom II Gas Compressor Station 

  • Four  Gas Compressor Stations ,  North West

  • Six Gas Compressor Stations

  • Noor Abad Gas Compressor Station
  • S3 & S6 Gas Compressor Stations