South Pars Gas Field Development Project – Phases 17 & 18, Assaluyeh

The South Pars Gas Field Phases 17 & 18 Plant is designed to produce Ethane (2,700 t/day), Propane (1,800 t/day), Butane (1,100 t/day), C5+ (8,984 t/day), Sulphur (400 t/day), Lean Gas (1,794 MMSCFD).

The plant is located at pars Energy Special Economic Zone. It is one of the biggest complexes of its kind in the world. Moreover, it is one of the strategic projects of' Islamic Republic of Iran. .

The owner is POGC, Pars Oil and Gas Company. Scope of work of project consists of Engineering, Procurement and Construction. Contractor is a consortium of OIEC Company, IOEC Company and IDRO.

The plant consists of following main process units:

  1. Reception Facilities and Primary Separations
  2. Gas Sweetening and Dehydration
  3. Ethane recovery and De-carbonation
  4. NGL Fractionation and Treatment
  5. Condensate Stabilization.
  6. Feed Gas Compression
  7. Acid Gas Removal and Incineration Unit
  8. LPG Refrigeration and Storage.

 EIED's scope of work, as sub-contractor of OIEC, includes Basic & Detail Engineering and Procurement Engineering services for part of on-shore facilities, mostly Gas Train Units including Gas Sweetening and Dehydration Units, Ethane Recovery by means of a cryogenic system in order to separate and purify Sales Gas from other heavy hydrocarbons, Ethane De-carbonation systems, LPG Fractionation and Treatment and Propane Refrigeration System.

South Pars Gas Filed Phases 17&18 is an advanced project in Iran providing ultimate purified Ethane and polished LPG adapted with the newest worldwide product specification requirements also in accordance with the newest safety and operability standards.

The rest of the plant units mainly about utilities and offsite are in IDRO Company -scope of work.

Front End Engineering and Design (FEED) has been performed by Worley Parsons London Engineering Office under supervision of EIED and IDRO engineering team in 2007.