About Us

EIED was formally established in 1996

But its activities was started as OIEC’s engineering division since 1989, so EIED carries a legacy of near three decades of experience in Oil, Gas and Petrochemical (OGP) industries.

EIED has earned the reputation of a highly qualified company in the Energy and OGP industries, and is specialized in Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management (EPCM).

The Major Engineering Projects among other projects (within OIEC) in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, included the following:

  • Arak  Refinery Detail Design Review/Approval
  • Bandar Abbas Refinery Detail Engineering (Atmospheric Distillation Units)
  • Taheri Condensate Refinery basic Design (non license units)
  • Basic Design of South Pars On-shore Phase 1 (all Units)
  • Basic and/or Detail Engineering of Gas Processing Projects of Sarkhun II, Khangiran II,
  • Basic Design of Nowrooz production and residential off-shore platforms in the Persian Gulf

EIED in its 15 year history as an independent contractor has managed to complete about two dozen E, EP, MC, SSC, and FES projects * that are almost all in operation stage; the major ones among them are:

  • Amirkabir 6th Olefin Plant (partnership with Linde AG)
  • Turkemanbashi Gasoline Plant (FSR, outside Iran)
  • Maroun 7th Olefin Plant (Partnership with Linde AG)
  • Bandar Imam Petrochemical Exports Storage Facilities
  • Borzuyeh Petrochemical Complex
  • Fanavaran Acetic Acid Plant (Detail/Procurement/Field Engineering/Commissioning in partnership with LG)
  • South Pars Phases 9&10, on-shore (Detail Engineering of non-process units,  Procurement Services + Field Engineering Services)
  • Khuzestan Extra Heavy Crude Refinery; Basic Design (HOLD for finance)
  • Hormuz Extra Heavy Crude Refinery; Part of Utility/Offsite Basic//Detail Design(HOLD for finance)
  • 8 Compressor Stations on IGAT pipelines  (Basic/detail/ Site Supervision)
  • Sirri NGL (Detail Engineering, Procurement Services , Field Engineering Services)
  • Bid Boland II Gas Refinery and Pipelines/ Tank Farm (MC/SSC until Dec. 2011;HOLD for finance)
  • Darkhovein Oil Field Development ;Phase II (MC/SSC)
  • Tehran Refinery Product Quality Upgrading Project (MC& SSC)

Also , the major projects EIED is currently involved in  (including EPCC projects)are as follows:

  •  South Pars Phases 17&18, on-shore (Detail Engineering of process units, Procurement Services + Field Engineering Services)
  • South Pars Phases 20&21, on-shore (Detail Engineering of all refinery units , Procurement Services + Field Engineering Services)
  • ILAM HDPE (EPCC **; in partnership with MES of Japan)
  • Tabriz NEW Gasoline Production Plant (EPCC; in partnership with SEI of China and Tanavob Construction Company of Iran)
  • Arvandan (West Karoun) Oil Production Units and related Pipeline Facilities (EPCC; in partnership with Meysan/Pishro construction joint)
  • Oil Ministry Custody Transfer Metering and Centralized Monitoring (MC/SSC/Basic Design of part of the metering stations)
  • South Pars Phases 2&3, Tail Gas Treating Unit / TGTU, ( EPCC)