C2 Recovery and Fractionation Plant, South Pars Phase 12, kangan (Tombak, near Assaluyeh)

The Kangan C2+ Recovery and Fractionation Plant located in Kangan (Bushehr Province) is designed to recover Ethane, Propane, Butane and C5+ from received 2675 (ton/hr) gas from South Pars 12 and send the Methane gas back to the South Pars 12 for injection into IGAT #6.


The product of this Plant are listed as follows:


-          2050 (ton/hr) Methane (to SP12)

-          217 (ton/hr) Ethane

-          122 (ton/hr) Propane

-          63 (ton/hr) Butane

-          25 (ton/hr) C5+



The Contractor’s Scope of WORK includes Basic Endorsement, Detail Engineering, Procurement Services and Assistance during Construction, Pre-Commissioning, Commissioning and Start Up.


This Plant consists of the following process units:


v  Unit 11 : Feed drying system and Mercury Guard

v  Unit 12 : De- Methanaizer and sales gas compression (train 1)

v  Unit 22 : De- Methanaizer and sales gas compression (train 2)

v  Unit 13 : Fractionation (De-Ethanizer , De-Propanizer and De-Butanizer)

v  Unit 14: Co2 Removal (Ethane)

v  Unit 15: Sweetening Package (Propane and Butane)

v  Unit 16: Product storage (Propane, Butane and C5+)



The Owner is Kangan Petro Refining Company (KPRC) .The Contract duration is 48 months from its Effective Date