SIRAF Condensate Refinery (tombak, near Assaluyeh)

SIRAF Condensate Refinery


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SIRAF Condensate Refinery Project
8 Refineries of 60,000 BPD
12 Months
Basic Design
4 Months
Basic Design (with TOYO)


SIRAF Refineries Infrastructure Company (SRIC) is developing a grass root gas condensate refinery complex which will be located in Iranian Coast of the Persian Gulf at the Tombak Region (50 km West of Assaluyeh). Hydrocarbon condensate feed will be mainly supplied from existing gas refineries in mentioned region. The complex includes 8 × 60000 BPSD condensate refineries including facilities for feed intake, products export, utilities and common process units required to produce LPG, Light and heavy naphtha, kerosene (jet fuel) and gasoil.

The main sections of the complex are:

Eight dedicated condensate distillation unit (CDU) for fractionation of condensate to LPG, Stabilized Light Naphtha, Stabilized Heavy Naphtha, Kerosene and Gasoil.

Eight dedicated LPG treatment & LPG recovery unit to meet LPG product specification for storage and export.

 Eight dedicated Naphtha Hydrotreating Unit (NHT) to produce a desulfurized and denitrogenized light and heavy Naphtha cut.  Eight dedicated Kerosene Treatment Unit (KTU) to meet the kerosene product (jet fuel) specifications.

Common Hydrogen Production Unit (HPU) to produce required hydrogen in naphtha hydro treating unit.  Common Amine Treating Unit.

Common Sour Water Stripping unit (SWS) to treat sour water from process units.

Common Sulfur Recovery Unit (SRU) to produce liquid sulfur for solidification, granulation and export.

Feed and product storage tanks.

Common Utility units to give services to process units.

Export Jetty Facilities.