ILAM Sulfur Removal Unit, Ilam

  ILAM Sulfur Removal Unit

 EIED won the EPCC contract for Engineering including Basic Endorsement, Procurement, Construction and Commissioning of a Sulfur Removal Unit along with Pastille type Sulfur Recovery Unit and the Feed, Product and Utility Interconnecting Pipelines on 12 September 2015.

   The Client of the Project is ILPC, ILAM Petrochemical Company and its location is in Chavar, 15 Km from ILAM. The feed of the unit is supplied from ILAM Gas Refinery Plant with two 6” pipeline of 328,000 Tons/Year C₃⁺ Cut & 392,000 Tons/Year C₅⁺ Cut. The purpose of the unit is desulfurization of the gas condensate to reach to specification of feed for the olefin plant. The product of the plant will be transfer to the Olefin Plant inside of ILPC Complex as feed.

Scope of Work

·         Basic Engineering Endorsement

·         Detail Engineering

·         Procurement

·         Construction

·         Commissioning