Farzanegan Gas Condensate Refinery, Assaluyeh

FARZANEGAN FARS NIKOO GROUP intends to construct of the Gas Condensate
Prefractionation and Mixed Naphtha Hydrotreating Process and feed pipeline as parts of
FARZANEGAN FARS NIKOO REFINERY in Pars Special Economic Energy Zone
The Basic Engineering contractor scope of work should fully comply with requirements
of IPS-E-PR-200 and is preparing the followings for above purpose:
- Site visit & data gathering
- Basic Design Engineering of process and all required utilities, storage facilities,
loading/unloading facilities and feed pipeline from mixed gas condensate storage tanks
of South Pars.
- Preparation of Material requisition for critical & long delivery equipment
- Preparation of EPCC tender documents
- Detailed Cost estimation of EPCC contract