Gas sweetening Unit & Ethane Recovery

Busheher C2+ Recovery project is designed to produce 119875 kg/hr C2,16201 kg/hr C3 ,3843 kg/hr C4 and 276 kg/hr c5+ , by using 324 MMSCFD Sour Gas Feed from from south pars 6,7,8.

The Busheher C2+ Recovery is located in assaluye.

The PLANT consists of the following units:

  • Feed pipelines
  • Gas Compression Unit
  • Acid gas removal unit
  • TGTU &Acid gas Enrichment
  • Sulphur Recovery Unit
  • Sour Water Stripper
  • Acid gas Flare Unit
  • Gas Dehydration unit
  • Demethanizer and Deethanizer Units
  • Deproponizer/Debuthanizer Units
  • Refrigeration System
  • C3+ Polishing Unit
  • Storage facilities
  • Storage Refrigeration System
  • Chemical System
  • Diesel System
  • Methanol System
  • Fire Water System
  • Fuel Gas System
  • Off site

The Owner is Busheher Petrochemical Company (BUPC) and the project duration is 24 months (extended to 42 month) from its Effective Date.

EIED Scope of work is as follows:


  • Endorsement of the Basic Design Package
  • Detail Engineering Design for the Complex
  • Procurement Engineering Services
  • Field Engineering Services during erection, installation and construction of the Complex
  • Field Engineering during Pre-commissioning and Commissioning of the Complex
  • Preparation of tender documents for construction work packages