Company Culture

In today’s competitive environment, in both manufacturing and services, it is essential to ensure quality at every stage. Training Department of EIED by having a crucial role in enhancement of technical knowledge of the company staff, strongly believes in up-dating the personnel with the latest technical developments in their respective fields.

Based on work scope of the company, the main objective of Training Department is to identify and respond to the training needs of the staff. The employees performing specific assigned tasks are assessed on the basis of their previous education, training and/or experience, and the required training courses are provided for them either within or outside the company (sometimes on the job).  Each employee has an electronic file indicating various courses taken or required to be taken. The training programs are offered on the basis of a yearly schedule.

Also, requirements of new projects are taken into account in the planning for the courses content.

In this way we are able to comply with ISO 9001-2000 standard by ensuring the current quality and making grounds for continued system improvement.