Human Capitals & Manpower

EIED is one of the largest Iranian engineering and design consultancy firms in terms of human and material resources. About 650 highly qualified specialists, engineers and technicians, with their performing flexibility and ever rising level of professional commitment and capabilities, make EIED a highly efficient engineering company.

EIED has access to other human resources including subcontractors, freelance specialists, and universities faculty staff.

On the other hand, EIED utilizes an advanced computerized support system in all its activities. A large number of software for 2D & 3D modeling, design, engineering and drafting, as well as the latest Version of softwares for calculation, planning, presentation, management and control, are being used by the Company’s staff to achieve EIED’s goal of engineering excellence.

There are over 650 personal computers, along with a number of other hardware and accessories, which are connected to the company network as well as to the Internet.

The people that makes stuff happen

Total # of Employees 621 (As of June 2018)
Age Average 40 years
Working Experience Average 15 years
Gender Male: 470(76%)
Female: 151(24%)
Location Tehran: 488(79%)
Projects Site: 133(21%)
Education PhD: 3(1%)
MSc: 168 (27%)
BSc: 321 (52%)
HNC: 96 (15%)
HND: 33 (5%)