Management Contractor

This service is provided by EIED PMC/(SSC) Dept. using the skills and experience gained by our MC personnel in the course of years of project management assistance to our various clients.

Our Project MC services to our clients in different stages of an EPCC project management could be summarized as follows:

Engineering & Procurement Phase

  1. Establish Project Management, Project Controls and Project reporting requirements and structure.
  2. Facilitate and monitor set-up of reporting and coordination procedures and project procedures of the various EPC contractors.
  3. Initiate change management and develop the necessary procedures.
  4. Set requirements for and review EPC contractor(s) quality and safety plans and monitor for compliance.
  5. Determine and instruct the EPC contractors on the drawing requirements. Review and monitor flow sheets, Plot Plan, and equipment specifications.
  6. Prepare overall progress and cost reports.
  7. Proactively plan the project needs. Set up critical targets.
  8. Scrutinize change order requests and make recommendations for Client approval.
  9. Report deviations from schedule and recommend remedial action(s).
  10. Assess schedule impact of contract change orders.
  11. Monitor actual project activity progress and compare with schedule requirements.
  12. Actively enforce and monitor quality of design work executed on the project.
  13. Coordinate interfaces
  14. Review major purchase orders for compliance with technical specifications, and schedule requirements.
  15. Inspect critical equipment.
  16. Control contract administration
  17. Act in an advisory capacity to the Client in all aspects of Project.
  18. Prepare Project close-out report.


Construction Phase

  1. Ensure the Establishment of Construction Management  Organization, systems and Procedures.
  2. Ensure Construction Progress Reporting requirements and structures meet overall Project requirements and provide reliable information.
  3. Ensure that proactive construction-driven HSE programs are in place that, amongst all, provide for the right HSE environment and safety awareness.
  4. Drive and monitor construction performance of different parties for the benefit of the overall schedule.
  5. Review Contract extra work orders.
  6. Review Construction quality assurance program and monitor for compliance.
  7. Establish work rules for all labor on site and monitor compliance.
  8. Upgrade construction skill of local personnel.
  9. Review critical rigging procedures.
  10. Enforce safety procedures.

Operating & Training

  1. Develop Commissioning and Start-up plan.
  2. Witness Performance Test.
  3. Integrate unit by unit start-up.
  4. Define training requirements.
  5. Implement or supervise the Training Program and evaluate the trainees (if required).
  6. Keep PMC/(SSC) presence for the period until final acceptance of the Plant by the client.

Site Supervision Contractor (SSC)

Site Supervision Services are sometimes part of the Project Management Contract (PMC)/High Supervision, and in other cases can be a separate contract.

SSC services refers to all the activities by the Supervision staff during construction and includes the following major tasks as related to the contractual obligations of the EPC contractor:

  1. Planning/project control/remedial actions oversee/approval, and reporting to PMC/High Supervision
  2. execution procedures review/approval,
  3. Progress control
  4. Manpower and machinery mobilization plan review/approval
  5. Laboratory and equipment test procedure and formats approval
  6. Reporting on missing engineering document needed for construction work
  7. Coordination meetings with all the involved parties
  8. All work quantities verifications
  9. All material and equipment warehousing, and Work quality checks and approvals
  10. Recommendations for defect removals
  11. Change order review/approvals
  12. Witnessing the pre-defined tests
  13. Participation in all the stages of plant handover