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Welcome To Our Company (EIED)

Energy Industries Engineering & Design, was established in 1996.

EIED was founded to develop technical knowledge and applied sciences in the field of energy
industries, mainly in oil, gas, petrochemicals and renewable energies, while moving towards
a leading role in execution of EPC Projects of national significance in these industries

Brief History


Specialized Workshop on "Assessment Model for General Contracters (GC) In oil Industry Down-Stream Projects" / Aug., 2019

Specialized Workshop on “Assessment Model for General Contractors (GC) In oil Industry Down-Stream Projects”

Job Opportunities / June, 2019

Senior Business Development Expert
Education: MBA/Management/Industrial Eng. Other related educations(B.Sc/M.Sc)
Experience: 5 years & more (preferably in Oil industries)
Proficient in: Service Marketing, Negotiation, Team working, Bid & Tender processes
Please send us your c.v to hrm@eied.com
The subject of E-Mail should be: SB-EN-01

Start of Commissioning Step for Sulphur removal unit (SRU) For feeding of Olefin plant at Ilam Petrochemical Complex (ILPC)

On the date of 20 Khordad 1398 (10/06/2019) commissioning stage of the project, has been started by feeding of C3+ with the rate of 30,000 Kg/Hr to fill the Constructed spherical Tank in SRU plant.
This Feed has been received from the ILAM Refinery plant from the distance of about 10Km to the ILPC plant via dedicated UG pipe line.
Till now ( End of working time of 21 khordad – 11/06) more than 50% of the Tank has been filled.

EIED'S Business

EIED in OIL Refinry Projects

Norooz Oil Field Master Development Plan
Turkmenbashi Refinery Gasoline unit
Darquain Oil Development
Heavy Crude Oil Refinery
Tehran Refinery Product Quality

EIED in Petrochemical Projects

Ilam HDPE Plant , Ilam
Pars Polystyrene Plant ,Assaluyeh
9th Olefin Complex, Bandar Assaluyeh
Acetic Acid Plant, Bandar Imam
Tabriz Petrochemical Complex, Tabriz

EIED in GAS Refinry Projects

6 phases of South Pars Gas Field Development
TGTU of South Pars Gas Field Development
Bid Boland-II Gas Refinery feed Supply
Sirri Island Gas Gathering & NGL Recovery
NGL 1300

EIED in GAS Compressor Projects

Six Gas Compressor Stations ((MC & SSC))
200 Turbo Compressors (MC)
Qom III Gas Compressor Station (E)
Four Gas Compressor Stations (MC & SSC)
North Six Gas Compressor Stations (MC & SSC)
Kheyrgoo Gas Compressor Stations (EPC)

Our Latest Project

Project Name: Kian Olefin Plant

Name of the Owner:Oil Industries Engineering & Construction Co. (OIEC)

Company’s Scope of Work:

Detail Design & Procurement Engineering Services


Plant Capacity/ Description:

Olefin:1.260.000 TP/Y

Propylene: 327.000 TP/Y

Butadiene: 186.000 TP/Y

Banzan: 207.000 TP/Y

ILAM SRU Project

EIED Main Project In Iranian Energy Market & Our Customers

Business Fields & Types of Plants

• Oil Refineries
• Gas Refineries
• Petrochemical Plants
• Gas Processing Plants
• Surface Facilities / Production Units
• NGL Recovery Plants
• Gas Compression Stations
• Pump Stations & Storage Tank Farms
• Pipeline Systems
• Utilities & Offsite Facilities

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Near 30 Years of Experience Since 1989


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