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Welcome To Our Company (EIED)

Energy Industries Engineering & Design, was established in 1996.

EIED was founded to develop technical knowledge and applied sciences in the field of energy
industries, mainly in oil, gas, petrochemicals and renewable energies, while moving towards
a leading role in execution of EPC Projects of national significance in these industries

Brief History


Kheirgoo Gas Compressor Station Contract Was Announced By I.G.E.D.C

EPC contract of Kheiroo Gas Pressure Strengthening Station was announced by I.G.E.D.C. According to EIED public relations report, this project will be executed within 15 months in EPC. This project will be aimed at increasing the capacity of the eighth national gas pipeline with a capacity of 110 million cubic meters in 80 kilometers from Lamard city, Fars province.
Previously, EIED has achieved many MC& SSC of other projects for IGEDC such as MC & Field Supervision of North & Northeast Six Compressor Stations

West Karoon Oil Fields Production Unit (Arvandan) Certificate of Performance Test and Provisional Acceptance

Certificates of Performance Test and Provisional Acceptance for all three process trains, utility and off site  of the “Special Project for Increase  of the Crude Oil Production in West Karoon Shared Oil Fields” (Arvandan)” was approved and issued by the Client on Oct. 31, 2017.

Arvandan Project highlights are as follows:

  • Total Processing capacity of Arvandan Production Unit is 3x 55,000 bpd = 165,000 bpd of crude oil with various API’s.
  • Presently, in Arvandan Production Unit, the crude oil is received from the oil wells of the North Yaran and South Azadegan Oil Fields (shared with Iraq) is being processed.
  • Until today, the cumulative production of the Arvandan Unit has surpassed 35 million barrels.

The issuance of this certificate adds one more golden page to the honorable book of achievements of OIEC Group and Energy Industries Engineering & Design Company (EIED).

We congratulate this success to the esteemed managers, staff and share holders of our company.(EIED Public Relations Office Nov. 1, 2017)

Inauguration of South Pars Gas Refineries Phases 20 & 21 (Assaluyeh, Iran)

The EPC execution of phases 17 & 18 of South Pars Gas Field Development for both the on-shore and off-shore sections was completed by the Oil Industries Engineering & Construction (OIEC). The project was inaugurated on Aug.28, 2016 (Shahrivar 7, 1395), planned to produce 2 bcfd of natural gas and 80,000 bpd of gas condensates.

Energy Industries Engineering & Design (EIED) as an affiliate of OIEC Group was in charge of FEED review, detail engineering, and procurement engineering services for the on-shore gas refineries.

EIED'S Business

EIED in OIL Refinry Projects

Norooz Oil Field Master Development Plan
Turkmenbashi Refinery Gasoline unit
Darquain Oil Development
Heavy Crude Oil Refinery
Tehran Refinery Product Quality

EIED in Petrochemical Projects

Ilam HDPE Plant , Ilam
Pars Polystyrene Plant ,Assaluyeh
9th Olefin Complex, Bandar Assaluyeh
Acetic Acid Plant, Bandar Imam
Tabriz Petrochemical Complex, Tabriz

EIED in GAS Refinry Projects

TGTU of South Pars Gas Field Development
South Pars Gas Field Development
Bid Boland-II Gas Refinery feed Suply
Sirri Island Gas Gathering & NGL Recovery
NGL 1300

EIED in GAS Compressor Projects

Six Gas Compressor Stations
200 Turbo Compressors
Qom II Gas Compressor Station
Four Gas Compressor Stations
Six Gas Compressor Stations

Our Latest Project

Ilam petrochemical Complex (ILPC) , Sulfur Removal Unit (SRU)

EIED won the EPCC contract for Engineering including Basic Endorsement, Procurement, Construction and Commissioning of a Sulfur Removal Unit along with Pastille type Sulfur Recovery Unit and the Feed, Product and Utility Interconnecting Pipelines on 12 September 2015.

The Client of the Project is ILPC, ILAM Petrochemical Company and its location is in Chavar, 15 Km from ILAM. The feed of the unit is supplied from ILAM Gas Refinery Plant with two 6” pipeline of 328,000 Tons/Year C₃⁺ Cut & 392,000 Tons/Year C₅⁺ Cut. The purpose of the unit is desulfurization of the gas condensate to reach to specification of feed for the olefin plant. The product of the plant will be transfer to the Olefin Plant inside of ILPC Complex as feed.

EIED Main Project In Iranian Energy Market & Our Customers

Business Fields & Types of Plants

• Oil Refineries
• Gas Refineries
• Petrochemical Plants
• Gas Processing Plants
• Surface Facilities / Production Units
• NGL Recovery Plants
• Gas Compression Stations
• Pump Stations & Storage Tank Farms
• Pipeline Systems
• Utilities & Offsite Facilities

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