West Karoon Oil Fields Production Unit (Arvandan) Certificate of Performance Test and Provisional Acceptance

Certificates of Performance Test and Provisional Acceptance for all three process trains, utility and off site  of the “Special Project for Increase  of the Crude Oil Production in West Karoon Shared Oil Fields” (Arvandan)” was approved and issued by the Client on Oct. 31, 2017.

Arvandan Project highlights are as follows:

  • Total Processing capacity of Arvandan Production Unit is 3x 55,000 bpd = 165,000 bpd of crude oil with various API’s.
  • Presently, in Arvandan Production Unit, the crude oil is received from the oil wells of the North Yaran and South Azadegan Oil Fields (shared with Iraq) is being processed.
  • Until today, the cumulative production of the Arvandan Unit has surpassed 35 million barrels.

The issuance of this certificate adds one more golden page to the honorable book of achievements of OIEC Group and Energy Industries Engineering & Design Company (EIED).

We congratulate this success to the esteemed managers, staff and share holders of our company.(EIED Public Relations Office Nov. 1, 2017)